food design rules

Our goal is simple. We help make plant-based foods that people crave. The key to unlocking their full potential is to rewrite food design rules. We unravel food's secrets by exploring how individual ingredients work together, focusing on important sensory experiences that drive consumer enjoyment.

The result is more nutritious, better
tasting plant-based food.


We analyze differently, looking at both science and consumer insights to uncover root issues and opportunities that will transform plant-based foods.


We discover differently through a diverse set of cutting-edge technologies and an exclusive network of partners to create ingredients with totally new functionality.


We design differently by combining our ingredient technology, fundamental insights and culinary expertise to optimize familiar forms — and create new food experiences.

Analyze LINE differently

Pushing the envelope of oral processing physics

We’re studying the way physics works in your mouth to understand how food is enjoyed and experienced. Our work is pushing the envelope of what's possible in oral processing physics. We have a deeper understanding of how food is chewed and broken down to reveal attributes like mouthfeel, texture, juiciness and melting characteristics.

Visualizing how food behaves

One part of researching—and ultimately understanding—the physics of how food is made and consumed is by imaging how food breaks down. That’s why we partner with experts in rheology and interfacial sciences who are designing novel techniques to visually capture material behavior, from what we see with our eyes down to the molecular level. In this way, we’re better equipped to design plant-based alternatives that act like their animal-based counterparts.

Thinking about taste

Our analysis is not limited to just the mouth. We're exploring pioneering neuroscience applications to literally see how the food we consume fires neurons in the brain and gut to develop better ingredient innovation.

Using all the senses

We triangulate the output of all of our sensory insights to arrive at a unique understanding of what makes plant-based foods taste and feel great.

Discover LINE differently

Partnering with the best and brightest

We've assembled an unrivaled network of academic and technical partners, with access to cutting-edge technologies to radically improve plant-based foods.

Finding powerful new proteins

Through our exclusive partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks, we're able to take advantage of their vast DNA database to screen for proteins that solve for key taste, nutrition and other benefits. And we're able to produce these proteins at scale through the power of fermentation, reducing dependence on animal products.

Determining the most promising ingredients

Identifying the most viable proteins is not enough. We need to understand how these plant-based equivalents might perform as an ingredient. We use microfluidic assays to study multiple permutations and get a quick, informed read on emulsification, solubility and gelation. This provides an early assessment that ensures a protein has the right structure and performs as needed.

Unlocking taste with plant-based fat

Fat plays a key role in delivering many of the attributes that make crave-worthy food. It's why we're working to uncover plant-based lipids that perform better than existing solutions. That means a taste and mouthfeel that mimics animal fats.

Game-changing discoveries

We're researching promising theories that transform food, and working on proprietary techniques that make globular foods feel like fibers as well as methods to help foods self-assemble with less energy.

Design LINE differently

Delivering finished solutions in all forms

With our state-of-the-art applications lab and deep expertise in the food industry, we deliver finished solutions in all forms. From individual ingredients, ingredient systems and finished formulations that fit our customer and partner needs.

Designing beyond the senses

We consider supply chain, processing and production. We have a deep understanding of how our innovative ingredients behave in production and their effect on the final product.

Scaling up as we go

Throughout the process, the scale at which we operate increases. We move from discovery with mere grams of material, through development and concepting at < 100g, and then to bench-top testing at a mid-scale of 500-1000g. And we finally move to pilot scale with quantities at commercial manufacturing levels.

― A world-class technology partner

We have a food partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks. With unparalleled access to their leading software and hardware-enabled foundries, we’ve made a quantum leap in the expansion of food understanding.

Partnering with Vectron Biosolutions, a microbial strain development and protein production company, we aim to develop the next generation of animal-free proteins through precision fermentation. Using their deep expertise in strain development and their proprietary gene expression technologies to create food-technologies that improve the taste and texture of dairy alternatives, as well as to improve the nutrition levels of plant-based foods.

LINE Advanced network of research partners

Our passion for better plant-based food can’t be slowed down. We cultivate and develop exclusive partnerships with the world’s leading scientists and academic institutions to leverage their research and reduce our time to market.

are good

Our applications team works closely with our partners and customers to produce a wide range of crave-worthy plant-based food with improved taste, texture and nutritional values. Find out more about our portfolio and how we can meet your needs.

LINE Bringing products to market

At Motif, experience counts. And that’s how we’re different from other plant-based startups. We know how to bring products to market and optimize them for our customers because we’ve been there. Our commercial and supply chain teams are made up of industry veterans who have lived and breathed the food industry for most of their careers. That translates into a seamless experience and faster time to market for our customers.

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