Menu what matters to
your consumers:

an authentically meatier
experience, from plants.


of consumers expect to maintain or increase their consumption of plant-based foods*


of consumers said they would eat more meat alternatives if they tasted better and were more akin to the animal meat experience **

Give your customers
what they want

  • More flavor
  • Better texture
  • Menu versatility
  • Excellent cooking performance

* Source: Motif x Tapestry Consumer Segmentation Study March 2022
** Source: Mintel Reports US, Plant-based Proteins, 2022.


with the taste of plant-forward foods is the primary concern for consumers when eating at restaurants.


for plant-based meat alternatives with great taste and texture is the key to unlocking return customers.

Power more sales with the meatier experience patrons are seeking from plant-based protein alternatives.

Motif FoodWorks helps you satisfy the meatiest of customer cravings with a portfolio
of planet-positive menu solutions made from plants.

Motif PorkWorks™

Motif BeefWorks™

Motif ChickenWorks™

We are driven by the science of more. More taste, more texture, more options – creating the next generation of planet-positive foods that customers are demanding.

LINEMore on the menu

Get more dayparts, more menu-spanning plant-based choices, and more formats for your prep, performance, recipe and guest satisfaction needs. Motif has developed a premium portfolio of plant-based meat alternatives product types that meets all needs.

81% of surveyed consumers showed high satisfaction and said they would purchase our product
Source: Motif Consumer Study, March 2023
Superior cooking performance compared to other plant-based analogues
Appearance that reflects the kitchen order – grilled, skillet, broiled and more
Sustainable corporate commitment to planet-positive foods

LINEEasy to integrate

Our plant-based meat alternatives not only taste, look and smell like animal-based products, but they also cook like them, too. They integrate seamlessly into existing kitchens, so the focus is on the customer experience, not team training.

No capital

Cooks the
same as animal

No unique

LINERecipe inspiration from chefs and food content creators

We recently asked three celebrity chefs to use our Motif BeefWorks™ Plant-Based Grounds in new and alternative ways. Here’s what their creativity unleashed:

by Content Creator Owen Han

by Content Creator H. Woo Lee

by Chef Chloe Coscarelli

LINEVersatility is in the kitchen

From classic burgers and breakfast sandwiches to tacos, spaghetti and more. Our plant-based meat alternatives are limited only by creative imagination. 

Click here to access our ever-expanding recipes and meal ideas.

LINEA full range of options to meet your business needs

As your partner in planet-positive menu and ingredient solutions we anticipate and understand the evolving needs of your guests and your operations to offer you maximum flexibility.

Breakthrough Ingredients

Revolutionary animal-free ingredents for taste, aroma, texture, fat and more.


Ingredient combinations to provide a range of sensory experiences.


Plant-based food innovations that open up whole new food forms and opportunities.

Our unique technologies differentiate us from competition
and bridge the gap in plant-based foods 

Taste & Aroma

We developed the real umami flavors, appearance and aromas of meat – without the animal.


We recreated the texture of animal connective tissue – with plants. That means the springy, juicy chew down that consumers crave.

LINEMeet Motif FoodWorks

We are driven by the promise that a global shift to plant-based foods will contribute to a more sustainable future. We develop next generation plant-based food that has no compromise, so consumers actually crave and eat it. Learn more here

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